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If you'd like to become a CarniMod or Co-Owner, talk to Autumn about it. They are both very important jobs. Thank you CarniMods and Co-owner for all your help and support! I'd be quite lost without you.(:

How Pay Works:
If you want to get paid, you have to be fair. In staff room there is a list of people who want pay. Next to that person is a number of how many times they've hosted so far. Autumn controls the list. So if you've hosted, tell her. You need to have hosted at least 5 times before payday to get pay. Also, this does not mean act immature and hog the hosting. Take turns and be nice. <3

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Group created: Nov 28, 2010

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This badge is for my Carnival hosts only. Guys, I love you. You're like family to me and it's always fun having you all with me helping me out in the carnvial. <3
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